My Name IS Unique Gould

About Unique Gould My Name Is Unique Gould i am 18 years old,i live at 407 Champlain street apt.7 i live with my mother her name is Jennifer Trow and her husband Philip Wright i am 5'3 and weigh about 180 lbs i have Blonde hair with green eyes.i am also finishing my senior year and have good grades.i also like to hang out with friends and see certain family and i have a 12 year old sister who lives with our grandmother. her name is Tiffany Marie Trow-Gould. i have a boyfriend who is 27 years old and his name is Shanon and he is a nice guy at times.we have different tastes in music but we still get along.and if you want to know more about me all you have todo is ask me.

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